I’d love to share my knowledge and failures. You can find me on stage at various conferences or online activities speaking about a variety of subjects. I have a high interest in socio-technical architecture, organisational design, strategy forming and organising for flow. Want to see if I can speak at your event or in-company? Do not hesitate to contact me.

Strategy is iterative, not linear

In September 2020 I was a guest on the Software Crafts podcast hosted by João Rosa. We’ve talked about the heuristic coined by Simon Wardley: strategy is iterative, not linear. It was a fun chat regarding a topic I’d love to talk about. You can listen to the podcast at the Software Crafts website.

Increasing Business Value by Embracing Domain-Driven Design

We’re all digital enterprises that need to understand how technology is heavily influencing our core business and can make or break our competitive advantage. Making the right decisions when it comes to investing in technology has become a crucial skill for digital leaders.

As an organisation, you want to have IT and business working closely together. Achieving a high rate of delivery while maintaining quality. So, how can you install a software architecture and organisational design that attributes to characteristics of fast and better?

In this webinar, Paul de Raaij and Evelyn van Kelle will dive into the disconnect between Business and IT and discuss how embracing DDD can increase business value. By highlighting multiple perspectives, you’ll be able to answer questions like ‘How can I sell DDD to my boss or my Product Owner?’ and ‘Why should I invest and support DDD?’.

Held at:
Xebia Academy Webinar Week (26 May 2020)

Continuous deployment @ Coolblue

In this presentation, I’ll show the continuous deployment pipeline we use at Coolblue. Not only for PHP but also .NET and Node.JS applications. It’ll discuss every step of the deployment pipeline and how we work on automating deployments.

Held at:
Behind The Scenes @ Coolblue (21/10/2014) – slides
Techsummit Leaseweb @ Undercurrent – slides / video
ASAS 2016 – slides
Tweakers Dev Summit 2017 – slides
Private sessions at NS, Rabobank, 1TIS.

Practical demonstration on CQRS & Event Sourcing

Developers talk a lot about CQRS and Event Sourcing nowadays. This presentation will introduce you to these patterns following a demo application. Buzzwords that at least will be mentioned during the talk are Domain-Driven Design, Events, Command Buses and Bounded Contexts.

Behind The Scenes @ Coolblue (24/3/2015)
In-Company Meetups