About me

My name is Paul de Raaij. I live in Wateringen, near Rotterdam, in The Netherlands. My dream is to start and evolve a development organisation in a product company. I would love to test, experiment and evolve my ideas for a software development organisation. One where business value is created by all disciplines combined in a team.

Whether or not I will have the opportunity to fulfil this dream, the things I do every day is to be ready for that moment it will. It is my ambition to provide a guiding light for anyone with the same dream or in that situation. As such I am interested in socio-technical systems, organisational design, decision theory and many more fields of expertise. During my work, my blogs and my presentation I constantly learn and share my knowledge.

At the moment I am a strategic software delivery consultant at Xebia. Formerly I worked at Coolblue in a set of different roles, varying from developer to (co-)Head of Technology.

I am a firm believer in continuous learning and fail fast. I dislike long delivery cycles and aim for continuous deployment where possible. Reflection is an important characteristic in order to grow and improve.

Next to my day-to-day job and passion for IT I’m into sports (handball & fitness) and music.